Field Hunting 

Hound Exercise Rides


Formal Field Hunting

Starting in May, the hounds begin morning exercises with riders on bicycles and horses. Young hounds go out in couples to learn how to behave in the pack. ​

This in an excellent opportunity to introduce green horses and new members to the pack of foxhounds during a relaxing ride.
Cub hunting begins in August on Monday and Saturday mornings, and Wednesday evenings. Riding breechs and a green polo shirt are worn. ​

One of our experienced members will be assigned to you on your first few hunts. They will gladly explain the rules, etiquette and tips to make your first hunts enjoyable and stress free.
The Formal meets begin mid September. We hunt on Wednesday and Sunday mornings until December. 
Dress neatly, arrive early to pay your cap fee to the field secretary, and present your signed waiver. A copy of the waiver can be downloaded from this page below. Please remember your helmet. Ride in the back of the field until your horse is comfortable. Also try to keep quiet, since much of the sport is what you see and hear.

Interested in coming out? Contact [email protected]

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